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Making therapy more affordable

The low cost service offers high quality therapy at a reduce rate to clients.  The service aims to improve affordability and increase access to therapy.  The service also offers paid work for therapists in training to ensure that economic disadvantage is not a barrier within the sector.  

Affordable Low Cost Therapy

This service aims to provide professional therapy and counselling at an affordable price.

If you are looking for therapy and have an income of below £30k per year Our Low-Cost Counselling service will offer you a caring, safe and confidential space to explore and address the issues that are negatively impacting on your life or wellbeing.

The issues that we can work with are:

Anxiety and Panic attacks

Depression and Low Moods

Bereavement and Loss

Self Esteem and Confidence Issues

Eating problems,

Personal Development

Trauma (childhood and recent)

Relationships, (work, family, friends, romantic)

Sexuality concerns

Fees are £25 per session and you can usually book as many sessions as you need but we ask that you commit to minimum of 4 sessions.

This service is staffed by counsellors and therapists at various stages of their professional training. All the practitioners are registered with their professional bodies such as British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), have indemnity insurance and receive clinical supervision.

To make professional help and support accessible to as many people as possible, the counsellors and therapists who are in training will receive a fee for each session they deliver. This low cost service will work hard to  keep the fees as low as possible for clients whilst maintaining support of the training of therapists .  The service will work towards a system that ensures that therapists do not suffer financial hardship and we can attract therapists from all walks of life.

Payment for blocks of sessions will be made by electronic invoicing in advance. If you need to miss, cancel or reschedule an appointment, 48 hours notice is required. Sessions can be carried over in discussion with your therapist in special circumstances.


The initial consultation is carried out by an experienced therapist who will discuss your needs and concerns and ensure that you receive the appropriate service.


The service will be operating both online and in person sessions to maximise the accessibility of therapy to clients.

Getting Started

To get started, all you need to do is to complete the contact form below.  You will receive further information on how to book a consultation and start your sessions.

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